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German Auricular Acupuncture is relatively new to North America.  The ear represents a map of the whole body, and as a therapist we are able to find “active” points in the ear.  Active points represent areas that are currently causing trouble or may be a source of blockage which is preventing healing. 
Some benefits of German Auricular Acupuncture:
  • decreases muscular and joint pain
  • decreases discomfort and stiffness
  • decreases stress
  • decreases pain
Chinese Acupuncture is the application and manipulation of needles in the skin.  Acupuncture can be performed as a service on its own or in conjunction with a massage therapy session.  It can be effective in treating many conditions including, but not limited to:
Some benefits of Chinese Acupuncture:
  • addictions
  • digestive issues
  • emotional issues
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • muscular injuries
  • pain
  • reproductive disorders
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